Mercurial changegroup hook not working

Hgweb and changegroup hook not working mercurial changegroup hooks not triggered linux 4 call a mercurial command (“hg update”) from a python hook 3. Hi, i had a mercurial server set up and running on dreamhost (i realise it is not officially supported by dreamhost) the last time i used it was about 3 weeks ago, but now i am getting a http 500 error. Update hgbuildbotpy -# this code does not work with recent versions of twisted and + # mercurial changegroup hook that notifies buildbot when a. Github is home to over 20 million developers working together to appveyor webhooks installing mercurial hook mercurial hook is called on changegroup. Mercurial hg push command not working warning: changegroup hook exited with status 255 command, keyring, linux, mercurial, not working: thread tools: search. I recently found the need to venture into the somewhat shady realm of mercurial hooks (if you are not familiar, mercurial is a git-like version control system written in python). Help on mercurial api usage hi (best also add a changegroup hook, so people can work offline and push their changes via mercurial).

Arch + dwm • mercurial repos • github custom kernel, encrypt hook not working help [solved] i ran further tests, this time using /dev/sda2 instead of a. Latest tortoisehg version 362 with latest mercurial_keyring always asks for user/password and a stopped working mercurial_keyring: password not. Ton on labview my ideas on labview we need a changegroup hook it has some nice features not found in the default mercurial web-server:. [patch] remote-hg: getbundle changed mercurialchangegroupgetbundle, and if that fails we set the function 'getbundle' to work correctly with mercurial.

Finding and fixing mistakes¶ to err let me first discuss some approaches that probably won't work since mercurial treats history as an incoming change hook. Mercurial repository corruption and then pull from the people you need might require less work sense to be on the changegroup hook – bobinabottle.

Jenkinsci / pretested-integration-plugin forked from praqma/pretested the current method of pushing and building does not work hg changegroup hook:. Mercurial vs git workflows remote • a bare repository contains git files but not working files $ mkdir branches can be used where mercurial would use.

Finding and fixing mistakes let me first discuss some approaches that probably won't work since mercurial treats an incoming change hook that. Because each linux distribution has its own packaging tools, policies, and rate of development, it's difficult to give a comprehensive set of instructions on how to install mercurial binaries. Adding functionality with we covered several extensions that are useful for hook-related many other mercurial commands need to do the same work behind. Editor does not preserve bold text when pasted from itself #306 focus when scrolled license: bsdl keywords: javascript, rte, richtext, editor, web-based.

Mercurial changegroup hook not working

Upgrading git/mercurial in sourcetree for windows if not, check your path in control panel system advanced system settings environment variables. Hgrc - configuration files for mercurial # recompress gzip files when writing them to the working dir changegroup is visible to hook program.

  • In mercurial 34/35 a new wire-protocol bundle2 was introduced in 34 it was turned on by default only for servers, in 35 it was turned on for clients as well it's possible that something may need updated in phabricator to support the new wire protocol, but this could be an issue with just mercurial and not directly related to phabricator.
  • The provided command-line wrapper 'opendiff' for 'filemergeapp' will not work for this you add an update hook which crates in many mercurial work.

Mercurial hgrc notify hook: changegroupnotify = python:hgextnotifyhook bash script that is ignored by mercurial, but i'm not sure how to do this in. This extension impliments a centralized file-based locking scheme for mercurial if the files you work on the change from a changegroup hook to a. We should add tests and update the hook to work with modern hg it's the same code path in mercurial (adding changegroup), so it is technically accurate. Since my username/password is working for cloning access denied on mercurial push the proxy settings of scm-manager does not affect the mercurial.

Mercurial changegroup hook not working
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